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Edelweiss Bike Travel started in 1980 and created a whole new concept in motorcycle touring.  You can experience the Edelweiss-style of touring on 50 different tour destinations around the world giving you an unforgettable experience. From 11 different tour categories that range from the basic Ride4Fun Tours to the luxurious Royal vacations, with so much to choose from in-between. They understand the importance of a safe ride and catering to individual needs.  Edelweiss even offers a riding school for certain tours. 

Edelweiss has just introduced their new Harley-Davidson tours now available in Africa and Europe! Tour Moracco, Scotland, Austria, Italy and more! The new The new Edelweiss Harley-Davidson tours drive you through unforgettable landscapes with the classic feel of a Harley-Davidson for new and experienced drivers.

Eileen's Travel is one of the few premier booking agencies in the United States for Edelweiss Bike Travel with two Edelweiss Specialists that can assist the client with any of their questions or plans

  Below are some client photos from their Edelweiss experience as well as photos of trade shows, Feschtl, and our very own Edelweiss agents!

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